I'm from and currently live in the rolling hills of Western Kentucky with my crafty wife, Taylor.

Designing for print and the web

At Murray State, I learned to be a multi-disciplinary designer. I have the ability to work on various projects including (but not limited to) logo design, branding, poster design, illustration, packaging, and publication layout.

I also have experience as a web designer working with HTML, CSS, and some JS. I very much enjoy working with design for the web because of the fluid knowledge that exists out there. Someone will inevitably find a better, faster way to work with the web and it's refreshing to learn to keep up.

Dedicated Learner

I enjoy learning things as a compulsive habit. As much as I hate the increased smartphone presence in the world, I love that I can ask Google anything that I don't know the answer to in seconds.

I'm currently in the process of challenging myself to read more. My goal this year is to read 26 books.

Ask me which book I'm on.

Problem Solver

All designers tend to be problem solvers in their own right.

I like to claim the title for my abilities outside of design – there are always solutions for problems and I want to help. (see below)

Team Player

As I said above, I'm a problem solver – I like to fix things and I often call myself a glue-guy.

For one reason or another, I try to find a way to contribute to the project or task at hand. And at the very least I can make a last minute coffee run.