I created a poster to advertise the first ever Community Unity Event at the Logan County Public Library. Check it out

My work at Hunt Ford Chrysler is centered around making our sales team a leader in our region. Check it out

I created a website for Farmers Hardware of Logan County that showcases their strengths as a business. Check it out

I helped create a logo that would match the new look and feel of an important piece of Russellville, KY. Check it out

For my BFA Exhibition, I imagined what my own outdoor brand would have. I then took my imagination and brought it to life with full-size packaging, apparel and gear, and a mockup website. Check it out

Industrial Project and Design needed an informative webpage to bring in new business from prospective clients. Check it out

For the Murray State Monster Mash, an annual print sale and fundraiser, I created a series of advertisements to spread the word. Check it out

I completed an internship with the Murray State Football team where I created several informational graphics that could be shared during recruiting efforts. Check it out

In honor of the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history, I designed and screen-printed a poster that calls back to Cleveland's gritty nature. Check it out