Currently, I'm working with Hunt Ford-Chrysler in Franklin, KY.

There, I work with the other members of our marketing team to leverage our increasing social media presence into web traffic and ultimately sales.

The Logan County Public Library and I teamed up to make a logo that matches their new, modern direction and improved location.

Industrial Project and Design, LLC has been a technical service business since 2000. Together, we created a streamlined website for prospective clients to learn more about them.

For my final project at Murray State, I tackled the idea of what a hiking store named Ramble might look like. I got to work through a lot of exciting formats in packaging, signage, illustration and a bit of web layout design.

For the annual Murray State Monster Mash print sale, I created a series of advertisements that could be screen printed as well as printed digitally.

Being from Kentucky I tend to place basketball on a pedestal. So, I made a poster that pays homage to the neat thing that the Cleveland Cavaliers did in the 3 to 1 comeback against the Golden State Warriors.

I'm a space nerd, and I always have been since watching Star Wars with my dad as a kid. This poster is my take on the treatment of the NASA budget over the past few decades.

George Watsky is a rapper/poet extraordinaire who puts on a killer performance. I wanted to mimic the urban feel that his Live from the Regency recording gives off.