Murray State Football Recruitment

The goal: build a winning system

First, I wanted to be sure that I could create graphics that accomplished a few main goals:

  1. Must match Murray State Athletics Guidelines
  2. Accent the team's momentum
  3. Be flexible
Early concepts of a typography system

The Elephant in the Room

Murray State's Football team was in the middle of a culture change. The team compiled a 3-9 record the previous year and brought in some great new coaching talent. Our goal was to take that momentum and use that as the face of the recruitment campaign.

First things first, I needed to put a spotlight on the new coaching staff.

Coach Mitch Stewart

Mitch Stewart was named head coach after proving that he ran a potent offense as a coordinator at Murray State.

We highlighted that he favored a passing attack capable of being a nearly league-leading offense.

Coach Chris Boone

Chris Boone was a new hire from Samford University where he coached one of the best FCS offenses in 2013-14.

Again, we highlighted the coaching style: aggressive, stout defenses where players would be given the ability to make a play.

We also wrote copy and taglines that would accompany these graphics with the intent to show players they could succeed once they were in the Murray State football system.

Tradition is a selling point

Finally, I rounded out the remainder of the series with graphics that showcased the tradition of Murray State that is unique to its campus.