Monster Mash

Monster Mash Final

It was important to me to have a face to the event promotions, and since I don't often get to illustrate a character or person, I wanted to have some fun with how some of the facial features could be identifiers.

I may have resembled this fella in middle school

Every Halloween event has to have a monster mascot right? I created this nerdy little ghoul to sort of play on our group of students in the print department.

When Stranger Things first debuted on Netflix, there was a lot of fanfare for the vintage introduction credits. For these runs of ads, I wanted to jump into the mix by using ITC Benguiat – hoping both fans of the newest binge-worthy show and old-time movie buffs would recognize the typeface enough to stop by.

We wanted to also have a few versions that could be screen printed, so I took my nerdy ghoul and another student's character and converted the pair into a half-tone for print.