The idea for what branding experience I wanted to do for my senior project was really simple for me. I've always been an avid outdoors fan, I enjoy camping, hiking, climbing and generally anything that allows me to be outdoors.

A little bit of the thought process as I moved into the final logo
The final, cleaned up version of the logo

I drew upon the inspiration of mountains and mountaineering for the color palette and the logotype; I also wanted to keep things minimal and built entirely through contrast. I had it in my head that I wanted to be very deliberate about the color usage in the packaging and decided that pretty much all photography would be rendered through duo-tone process.

I created a series of illustrations that could be used across packaging, signage and the website. I wanted to further reiterate the deliberate choice of only using color when necessary so I used contrasting stroke widths to create the variation and different depths within the products.

Here you can see the tent illustration at home in context to the web layout

Finally, I brought everything to life by creating a pop-up store-like environment. Below are a handful of photographs of the final project on show at the Clara M. Eagle Gallery.