Logan County Public Library

A more modern library

There were only a handful of requirements for the logo redesign:

  1. Modern and clean
  2. Recognizable on a larger scale
  3. Include a book in some capacity

The idea of using the outline of the county in the design was brought up in order to distinguish from other states' libraries.

Since the Logan County Public Library (of Russellville, Kentucky) was an active member of the American Library Association, they often get mistaken for one of the other 10 states that have a Logan County.

Preliminary Sketches

I ultimately suggested two main directions. A bookshelf to mimic the outline of the county, and a series of standing books visible by their spine.

Below are early copies of both.

Moving onward

We chose to move forward in the direction of the standing books, due to technical concerns and preferences.

In order to achieve the recognizability and include the county in the mark, I filled the counter of the “p” with the shape.

Testing a light-on-dark version for potential printing

I also softened edges of all letters and book corners to create a much less aggressive feeling when scaling the logo to larger sizes.