Farmers Hardware of Logan County

Planning for thousands of home improvement ideas

Early Meeting Scribbles

It was very important in the early meetings to get a feel for exactly how the owners wanted the site to feel in the end. Farmers Hardware is home to thousands of products and almost three-hundred vendors, so not only was the look and feel important – we had to figure out how to organize all that stuff into one succinct site.

Through all of the notes and thoughts that we put down on paper, I laid out a rough wireframe of how the page-to-page navigation would work on the site.

Farmers Hardware Initial Mockup

Once we established the site organization, we made key decisions on how the full layout would look. Above is an early example of what content would be featured on which pages. This layout ultimately influenced the final design that was put into production using Wordpress.

“I’m not sure we actually have a logo..”

Upon realizing that there wasn't actually a logo that could be used site-wide, I was asked if I could create one for the store.

Crude napkin sketches of the final idea

I liked the idea of using a tool that would interact with the initials of Farmers Hardware. After playing around with brushes, hammers, and screwdrivers in all sorts of variations – a wrench or simple circle seemed to be a great solution that matched the feeling of the store.

The final mark

Once the logo was approved, we continued to push forward with adding content. I would also like to extend a tremendous thank you to a close friend, Billie-Shaye Harper, for allowing some time to help photograph the store.

We shifted the focus of the site to be strictly informational on the initial release – once the site has a steady viewership base, we'll revisit with an e-commerce point of purchase platform.